Face Care For Bride Before Wedding

Post On: 6 October 2011
December 29, 2011

All in your skin on your face, eyes, lip can describe your personality. So when the wedding is come, Bride  focused  caring on face area and how to make her face become chic and elegant. As a happily  reflection, the face is always become important factor to effect  the bride look like.  You can imagination the shine of the eyes and cute happily  smile and moreover smooth skin make a perfect from a bride. Because in that day they are become centered attention, all the eyes will look to her.

So it will be not surprising if face caring become the first caring from total caring for the bride. The many kind can do for bride to do face caring. For optimum result the bride can do face care at least in six month before their wedding.  That to prepare  everything.  So let’s begin how to caring of bride before their wedding:

  • Clean your face with milk cleanser.  Choose milk cleanser  suit with your skin  type and condition of your skin in the morning and afternoon.  Wash with warm water then you can continue with cold water.  For cleaning in eye area you can using eye makeup remover first.
  • You have to keep moist your skin with optimum.  For that you must using moisturizer  water base and with rich content nutrition in the morning and afternoon.
  • Using always moisturizer while skin in wet or moist. For daily using moisturizer with have content  Sun Protecting Factor (SPF) and for night using moisturizer rich with nutrition and can doing  regeneration of your skin.
  • To maintenance moist your face skin you can doing splash water in your face in every morning.  Than clap your face with softly that can enhance your nerve and also faster your face absorb water.
  • You can do compress with Ice to make your face tight and minimize pores.
  • Protect in eye area with eye cream in night before sleep also morning after giving moisturizer.
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