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Post On: 28 December 2011
December 28, 2011

Unforgettable Bride Theme

A bride like a queen. he is thoughtful center of each individual who is in a party. Not a single eye was not to look at the power of beauty that looks so perfect in her wedding dress is sacred.

The desire to look different and unique often meet the soul of a bridal. Desire to look unusual, or even a full sensation was, not infrequently an option for some tin wedding that reflects bold expression, identity, and personality. Nevertheless, the impression will always be beautiful to be the focus of the unique makeup concepts presented. As the concept of  following makeup that would make a wedding more unforgettable.

Dream Girls Bride Theme

Often Beauty favorite doll was the inspiration of the bride: long hair shades of silver, porcelain like clear skin, and eyes are round and beautiful.

We translate ‘dream’ terse but powerful through her makeup simple beauty of a bride featuring the character. Soft shimmer effect, present in every corner of the bride’s face, strong streaks of black eye liner on both eyes, accentuate the beauty and sparkle happiness the bride. While the outward appearance of blush on the soft shades of baby pink on top of the fire, giving a touch of fresh and flushed in the face. In order to force the eyes remain focused on the face, smear lipstick shades glossy effect, is the right choice.

Energizing Elegant Bride Theme
All brides would want to look beautiful and graceful. Even the power to always love their partner’s face that glows in the bride, can also give `splash ‘of energy that is so powerful in appearance.

To capture the energy, is, we featuring makeup style-not just beautiful and graceful, yet powerful highlight the character of a bride. The concept was shown trough makeup is emphasized in the eye area. Strands of eyelashes and display, plus a scratch on the corner of eye liner and eye gold smear eye shadow, creating an elegant `meaning ‘strong and unforgettable. Not only that. Beauty is also supported by the application of blush on and lipstick are harmonious. Even the presence of the effect of shimmer on the face, making the intrinsic beauty of a bride radiated strong.

Le Romantique Bride Theme
Romantic aura that is often “caught” in the bride’s eyes when looked at her moorings sharply. Although synonymous with the impression of gentle and romantic is another strength of a bride who will not likely be replaced, this would be great aura reflected trough concepts perfect makeup.

In contrast to the romantic concept of a bridal makeup in general, We created a style-laden romantic touch today. With pink tinge which often dominate memorable romantic makeup styles, replaced by shades of silver that is so modern. Effects also appear enriched shimmer you’ll enjoy the romantic atmosphere on the face. However we not forget to show with so soft shades of pink on the cheeks and lips. And proven effects that are present romantic does not just look pretty and feminine is also modern and character.

Drama Queen Bride Themes
There’s nothing wrong with the concept of dramatic makeup, although the style of makeup is applied on a  bride’s beautiful face. Is not the Queen Atasu bridal day, free to determine his special appearance?

The concept was created us makeup this time may seem so dramatic, without the slightest, ignore the wishes of the bride to keep it looking beautiful and elegant on her wedding day. Focus makeup pads stressed eye area, guests will find the game by strand eyelashes are long, tapering, and thick, giving the impression of ‘sharp’. Applications shades of neutral colors like beige and gold dominated the eye area that look sensual with purple streaks on the petals. Eyebrows that look natural shades of golden brown and a natural lip color but charming, making this dramatic makeup bridal make feasible a queen.

Full of Glam Bride Theme
Glamor is a meaning that is so ‘in’ that is often identified with the impression of luxury and exclusivity. Perhaps the impression that it is always wants to find. by a person wedding: special lady who wants to perform with the beauty and `luxury ‘that only owned by himself.

Departing from these reasons, We inspired to create the perfect glamorous makeup style. Eyes gleaming, elegant bride, loving, radiated through the beautiful eye makeup. The angle of dip beautiful eyebrows, as if perfected the beauty of the eye. The application of eye shadow in shades of silver on the corner of the eye, reflecting the effect of the unique luxury and modern impression. Collaboration and brownish pink in the lips and cheeks, adding different fresh impression. While a perfect glossy effect on the lips, to sharpen the meaning of ‘luxury’ of an unforgettable wedding.

Modern Art Bride Theme

A painting like the bride’s face and outward appearance is pale colors are impressed, changed the face of it yes futuristic art. because the characters will be created  said futuristic makeup is so individual.

Face form sharp bob haircut and a shelf pp color, as if fused with scratches eye shadow on lids. To give the impression of a modern beautiful, purple eye shadow as Wise. Accidentally scratched on the bottom of the eye. As a complement, the lips appear `natural ‘to the touch.  Glossy lip is so beautiful and ready to make every eye staring in awe.

Sparkling Bride Theme
Like a famous star, a bride would also like to receive similar attention. Already rule looks when almost every bride always crave attention from people around him, especially from the groom. And not excessive if it later appears feels a desire to look as good as their favorite star.

Departing from these reasons, the concept inspired makeup of a star or a famous pop star an inspiration us. In contrast to the style of wedding makeup simple makeup is generally impressed this time was seen more daring, both in terms of color and applications-without the slightest impression of beautiful forget that `shall ‘will find a bride. For that reason, bright colors and bright colors like purple bluish We chosen to beautify the eyes of a beautiful bride. Modern impression; present through soft shimmer effects that appear at the corners of the eyes. Impressed bold color combinations are also reflected through the choice of lip color. Beautiful impression and ‘shine’  that protrudes from makeup is indeed ready to make a bride to be like a ‘star’.

character, was not only translated to Dapa party makeup alone. Makeup styles are loaded `luxury ‘can also be applied to the bridal finery who dare to be different.
Diva Bride Theme

Diva look so Especially for the bride whose soul is identical as ‘trendsetters’, the following makeup may be the right choice. With smart, We translate this concept with shades of makeup that is not only courageous, but also full of de? With a woman whom  luxury unmatched. Right eye which was the heart window, with a fascinating look outward glitter eye shadow effect of the maximum. Strands of dramatic lashes, making eyes look `drugged ‘. Although impressed `bold ‘, atmosphere  still reflected through the beautiful sweep of blush on the color baby pink.

While the colors are beautiful and glossy effect is present on the lips, as confirmed the unique and individual beauty of a bride.

Fairytopia Bride Theme
Angels, and beautiful creatures in the world of fairy tale and children’s imaginary world, it can also be brought back by adult women. No exception for a bride who desire to appear as beautiful as an angel. Inspiration world of fairy tales and fantasy world wide, translated by us through makeup is not only beautiful but also `mysteriously ‘. Wash of pale colors, such as baby pink, off white, and silver, comes to dominate the face of a bride. Eyes are clear and full of love, unique look with strands of eyelashes are made so natural. A touch of pink on the cheeks a soft top, giving effect to the face fresh. Likewise lip color that is not unusual but beautiful. To reinforce the unique makeup, We also implemented an unusual hairstyle. And the result, the beauty of ‘natural’ world of fantasy that feels so real.

Exotic Bride Theme
Sensuality which stocked a bride is very ‘drugged ‘. Especially if it comes from the charm of a bride  with exotic natural beauty not easily forgotten.
According to theme, bridal makeup translate by us laden ‘aura’ exotic and elegant cents sexuality through the outward appearance of make-up shades of brown with a modern sheen effect. Shades of brown skin, for example, accented with matching foundation shades shimmer effect, giving the impression  glowing  skin healthy and shiny.

Makeup itself is dominated by the color brown with various shades of gold, copper (bronze), until the ash gray. To accentuate the exotic sensuality, makeup deliberately focused on the eye area with a long strand of perfect eyelashes and the effects of a modern sheen on the petals and the base of the eye. This exotic, sensual aura feels more viscous due to suppression of facial bone structure is reinforced through the outward appearance of blush on and lipstick shades perfect shiny orange brown. It’s not an overstatement if a bride will not only look different with makeup style is, but also prepared a lavish spread of exotic beauty.


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